Assessment of historical timber structures, analysis of restoration works: on field experience.
October 7th -10th 2013
National Technical University of Athens, Greece.

Content and Objectives:

The aim of the training school is to present an overall approach of a restoration project concerning historic timber structures: the steps, the methodology, the problems, the solutions (final interventions) and generally the dilemmas that arise from the very beginning of a study till its final application (construction works). On the above basis, the main topic of the proposed program, "From the analysis to the construction", is focusing on the following thematic areas concerning the assessment and reinforcement procedure of a restoration project :

The participants has been trained by visiting 4 restoration projects (3 finished, 1 in progress), following on each site:



Carpentry joints: how to draw a scarf joint? Prof. Clara BertoliniDowload full HD video (62 Mb - 6')
Assessment: onsite sounding of timber beams. Prof. Mariapaola Riggio and Prof. Claudio Menichelli.Dowload full HD video (7 Mb - 1'19)
Assessment: onsite visual Grading. Prof. Helena Cruz and Dr. David Yeomans.Dowload full HD video (134 Mb - 8')

Day 1: visit to Technological and Cultural park in Lavrio (

Day 2: visit to Post-Byzantine Benizelo’s Mansion (Download)
Day 3: Visit to Chalkis. Church of Hagia Paraskevi and House of Bailo (Download
Day 4: Visit to Pyrgos Vasilissis - Queen’s Tower.