Assessment and reinforcement of timber elements.
December 9th -13th 2013
University of Mons, Faculty of Engineering, Belgium.


Content and Objectives:

Timber has been used as structural material for centuries and numerous examples demonstrate its durability if properly designed and built. The need for assessment and reinforcement of timber structures can arise from multiple motivations such as the expiration of the planned lifetime, materials aging, exceptional incidents or a change of use.

The assessment of structural members and connections probably is as old as building with timber and closely linked to reinforcement. The development of computational concepts that allow for safe and reliable design of reinforcing measures needs a reliable assessment of timber elements and connections. The focus will be made on how to improve the assessment of timber members and connections to both estimate the weaknesses and the individual strengths as well as propose suitable reinforcement measures. The content of the course can be described with the following main areas:

For Phd students, additional "homework" with 7.5 ECT credits has been proposed.


University of Mons (UMONS):