Reinforcement of timber structures.
8th to 11th December 2014
National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland.

Content and Objectives:  The course will be an intensive residential course for four days with lectures, exercises, and laboratory demonstrations.
The focus will be on the reinforcement of timber structures using self-tapping screws and glued-in rods. Trainees will learn how undertake structural design of reinforcement for different situations. The programme will have a design-build-test format. The course will be in English. Invited speakers are internationally recognised experts in the field sponsored by COST FP 1101.


Organisation:  NUI Galway, College of Engineering and Informatics, New Engineering Building, Galway, Ireland.

Reinforced beam: bending test on reinforced timber beam. Karol Sikora, NUI Galway
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Timber to timber composite beam: elastic test of a timber to timber composite beam with and without reinforcement (inclined screws). Karol Sikora, NUI GalwayDowload full HD video (60 Mb - 4')